Maine resident, Elise Goplerud in a creek
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Elise Goplerud

Developing a deep connection to nature

Program associate at Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters

Resident of: Millinocket

August 2022

I’ve been a lover of all things nature my entire life. As a child I played in the mud, looked for salamanders and built stick shelters. I couldn’t get enough of being outdoors, and as I grew older that didn’t really change. The development of my connection translated into my life outside of the forests, too. I found that the more I connected to nature, the more I stayed joyful, empathetic and fulfilled. But you don’t need to grow up playing outdoors to develop your own relationship to the natural world—and you don’t need to live near wilderness either. Although spending time enjoying the outdoors can be the best way to build this relationship, here are some resources that helped me in my journey to learn, empathize and connect with nature in meaningful ways.